(Time, Weather) and Materiality

Unit E works at the intersection between old and new, in terms of architecture and in terms of representational techniques. We therefore design through the qualities of various traditional model making and drawing materials (clay, timber, metal, etching, sketching and analogue photography…) while also analysing these qualities in the existing built fabric and environments; and at the same time we explore new build design through contemporary materials and contemporary computer techniques positioned in contrast and interface with the old (built or represented or both).

In the same process, students design new architecture that connects with old buildings, within a hypothetical program that integrates past, present and future through materiality. Unit E does this on the basis of speculative proposals on sites that contain existing historic fragments or memories. The students spent the first term educating the eye into recording details and architectural effects, to understand relationships between buildings and open spaces, solidity and emptiness, light and darkness…

Materiality and time are also studied from the perspective of microclimates (weather), drawing on the traditional Latin correlation which is made between time and weather, and carrying them forward into the dimensions of environmental and social sustainability.

This year we are exploring this through the contrast between Palladio’s and Scarpa’s work and their differing design and representational techniques – placed in the urban context of Vicenza’s vernacular tradition and of Castelvecchio. We also spent three days at the Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust to understand the natures and processes of stone from the quarry to the site.

Project Briefs:

Palladian Influences Survey London ‘The Measure of Things’
Piece photos
A man Asleep
Quintessential piece
End of Year book

Student List:

Year 2:

Balraj Rai
Erdjan Ruci
Isabela Resende
Pedro Henrique Sepulveda
Saman Gamouri
Silvana Santos Porto
Stephanie Asmuz De Aquiar Pinto
Victor Souza Franscetti
Yuko Endo
Zuha Aleeya Ahmad

Year 3:

Amar Farouq Kamaruddin
Anastasia Chondronikola
Busra Remziye Meydan
Dilek Kaymanli
Filippos Timpas
Gunes Bagdali
Helen Inyang
Ilianna Logotheti
Ivon Paulo Vieira
Jekaterina Krackovskaja
Kinan Karima
Mitul Chudasama
Ryem Shadman Salim
Wagner Carvalho