Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Architectural Venduta, 1490, Urbino, Italy

Drawing transitions

«The ‘broken’ buries itself deeper into memory as the ‘whole’.
The ‘broken’ has a kind of brittle surface which one’s memory can grab hold to.
On the clean surface of the ‘whole’, memory slips away.»
Wim Wenders

Unit E will work this year with a theme entitled Drawing Transitions: Granada and Cambridge Courtyards.

Unit E proposes to explore the relationship between drawing and architecture on the basis of speculative proposals over the city of Granada’s existing fragments. Drawing inspiration from the history of architectural drawing traditions and meticulous architectural detailing, the unit will design new architecture that connects with old buildings, within a hypothetical program that integrates this knowledge of open and close spaces.

Year two and three Brief are together: each student of third year will have a second year student to do a team and analyse a College in Cambridge weather management and learn how to survey by hand, how to draw in auto-cad, in different scales, and then how to build it in rhino. Each of them will selected a space and pictured and developed in the dark room., and describe the qualities of it, why you selected that image, focus in environmental issues, like microclimate, time, materiality, light condition, etc Educating the eye of an architect. A series of movies and books it will be part of ours briefs.

Unit trip to Granada, and select a site, offer by the tutors, the sites will have some fragments of Granda’s city, and find a program for it, more likely residential plus community facility, like theatre, workshops, museum…

private spaces visit not open for normal tourists,(special academic permit) and visits by nights. We will also visit Ronda, Malaga, Guadix caves homes with natural insulation, and a series of Modern Buildings by Local architects.

We will do Site Model by team as a group work. Learning how to use different materials, plaster, concrete, wood, with digital help, laser cutter, rapid prototype and foam cutter.
We will compare these two medieval villages and the differences and similarities of the courtyards.

Project Briefs:

Autumn Studies: I Part A drawing transition: the revelation of erasure
Cambridge Courtyards Reinassance Survey
Autumn Studies: Granada Survey

Student list:

Year 2:

Aaron Williams-Grant
Christina Nika
Dogan Kaya
Eleftheria Lampropoulou
Evgeni Gradev
Gabriela Alves
Hazel Teles
Mohammed Ibrahim-Mukhayer
Jana Dockalova
Yehoshua Busari
Nurul Mohd Nazam
Renata Fassio
Shady Nazir
Tom Dale

Year 3:

Sonam Dahya
Leonardo Paredes
Bjorn Wang
Erdjan Ruci
Saman Gamouri
Victor Souza
Kemal Rustem
Sinem Camur