past present and future

“Drawing is the principle focus of conjecture in architecture”

– Robin Evans

Unit E proposes to explore the relationship between drawing and architecture on the basis of speculative proposals over the city of Toledo’s existing fragments. Drawing inspiration from the history of architectural drawing traditions and meticulous architectural detailing, the unit will design new architecture that connects with old buildings, within a hypothetical program that integrates past, present and future.

Since the 13th century invention of the scaled drawing system, Architects have indulged in imagining spaces and built form through the means of orthogonal drawings, perspectives, projective drawing and, more recently, through physical models and computer renderings.

Pursuing this urge to draw and communicate ideas, the unit will analyse the perspective drawing technique invented by Fillipo Brunelleschi to visualise perception, scale, proportion, geometry and light. Extending his linear Perspective Machine by combining it with Polaroid photography, the unit will start its exploration by recording how we perceive Architecture and its urban context. The students will extensively photograph four brutalist buildings. The aim is to educate the eye into recording details and architectural effects, to understand relationships between buildings and open spaces, solidity and emptiness.

Project Briefs:

Perspective book
Toledo, Spain Old and the New
1/20 Atmospheric models
End of the Year Book

Student list:

Year 2:

Amalina Yahya
Amar Farouq Kamaruddin
Aysenur Macit
Filippos Tympas
Mitul Chudasama
Zuhyar Zaki

Year 3:

Alborz Bathaei Bozcheloue
Ana Alves Quintela Queiroz
Aaron Mifsud
Chrysoula Theodorou
Divyani Patel
Eduarda Barradas
Elaine de Araújo
Fernando Cano Larios
Gabriela de Oliveira Bragança
Katie Elizabeth Andrews
Marie Braithwaite
Michalis Georgiou
Michael Eleftheriou
Noora Kassinen
Pedro Silva Costa
Raghav Dixit
Samuel Nicholls
Simone Mesquita Alvares
Yasmin Fazani Guima