abandoned urban landscape Unit E this year will be based in Barcelona, where we will try to, resolve a challenging urban, social and architectural, problem.The aim of Barcelona to become one of the reference European cities implied a change of urbanism strategy. Historically Barcelona was giving her back to the sea, leaving the seafront for […]


durability The Grenfell Tower fire occurred on 14 June 2017 Main entrance of the Palais des Papes since 1334 In French, the word for sustainability is durabilité. Yet today, short-term construction has become the norm, and current statutory criteria for measuring the sustainability of a building’s lifespan are all but non-existent, as are criteria for […]


past present and future “Drawing is the principle focus of conjecture in architecture” – Robin Evans Unit E proposes to explore the relationship between drawing and architecture on the basis of speculative proposals over the city of Toledo’s existing fragments. Drawing inspiration from the history of architectural drawing traditions and meticulous architectural detailing, the unit will […]


(time, weather) and materiality Unit E works at the intersection between old and new, in terms of architecture and in terms of representational techniques. We therefore design through the qualities of various traditional model making and drawing materials (clay, timber, metal, etching, sketching and analogue photography…) while also analysing these qualities in the existing built fabric […]


Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Architectural Venduta, 1490, Urbino, Italy Drawing transitions «The ‘broken’ buries itself deeper into memory as the ‘whole’.The ‘broken’ has a kind of brittle surface which one’s memory can grab hold to.On the clean surface of the ‘whole’, memory slips away.»Wim Wenders Unit E will work this year with a theme entitled Drawing […]